Thursday 9th April

Please see Thursday’s menu below.

Please follow our link to order online or call us on 01962 714888.

We thank you for your continuing support.


7 thoughts on “Thursday 9th April”

  1. Ivo Tennant says:

    Good luck. We had an excellent lunch on March 9 and my daughter lives round the corner so we hope to be able to continue to support you.

  2. Alison Doswell says:

    Hi could you please send me info on the menu for deliver as I’m not on Facebook . Thank you Alison

    1. Lenny Carr-Roberts says:

      Hi Alison
      You should be able to see the menu’s on the website now.
      If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.
      Many thanks
      Team Bugle

  3. Paula Lauwerys says:

    Good morning
    I live in Brambridge ,on the edge of Colden Common. DO you deliver your take away meals here?
    Paula Lauwerys

    1. Lenny Carr-Roberts says:

      Good afternoon Paula
      Please give us a call on 01962 714888. We will be able to discuss your requirements.
      Many thanks.

  4. Julia Egan says:

    My brother lives in Twyford and is a regular customer. I would like to give him a gift of a delivery from you. Can I make a payment by e mail or phone? I was thinking that £50 would cover a meal for two and a bottle of wine ? If there’s something left over you can add it to your NHS meal fund. I have tried to phone but no answer.

    1. Lenny Carr-Roberts says:

      Good Morning.
      Yes we will happily do that for you we will be back answering the phones from 9.30am Wednesday.
      We are closed Monday and Tuesday at present.
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Team Bugle.

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